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Indoor navigation platform built with
Google Maps

Wayfinding application

The app provides an overview map of your buildings, and a digital guide that will help the user find a specific office or the nearest restroom. All is needed is to enter the number or the name in the search box and the app will show the space, or guide the user to the chosen destination.

It allows to find a way not just from point A to point B inside your buildings. It can also show a route from a location outside to a space with a seamless transition from outdoor to indoor.

MapsIndoors® is optimised to work on all modern platforms, such as web, mobile web, Android, iOS and the Google Maps portal.

We can provide you with our standard app as it is and or tweak it the way you like.

MapsIndoors® is made for many industries.



Convention Centers






Shopping Malls






MapsIndoors CMS

MapsIndoors® CMS

MapsIndoors® CMS is a cloud-based solution allowing you to add, edit and publish your location-based such as POI’s and infobox content. Data can either be added manually or via an automated bulk upload.


The system does not require any programming skills - it can be used by anyone in your organization.

Indoor positioning
Polestar beacon

Indoor positioning and geofencing

An indoor positioning system (IPS) is a system to locate objects or people inside a building using technologies such as WiFi, magnetic fields or Bluetooth (BLE). The accuracy of the indoor positioning system depends on the type of technology used and the type of building you are mapping.


Sword works with Pole Star technology to ensure the IPS match individual business requirements.

NAO Cloud is a cloud-based platform enabling rapid deployment and maintenance of Pole Star's indoor location solution. Multi-solutions platform, it provides setup tools and SDK: NAO Campus ® et NAO Micro. The back-office gives also an access to geoanalytics NAO Analytics.

The NAO BlueSpot Bluetooth Low Energy 4.0 beacons offer unmatched autonomy, easy setup and easy maintenance to meet all use cases related to indoor location and geonotification.